How Do Backpacks With USB Work (Updated 2022)

Using a backpack with a USB charging port makes your traveling an enjoyable experience. Sometimes, the battery of your mobile phone, laptop, or camera may get low and a bag with a USB port becomes so helpful in charging your devices.

Because you can use a smart backpack for trips without having to worry about losing your essentials. Even USB waterproof backpacks come to keep your valuables dry and secure. The bags with charging ports are super lucrative for those who often love to travel.

This article aims to tell you about how backpacks with USB work. Besides some major advantages of USB bags are also added below.

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How do you use the USB charging port? 

Here is a complete guide on how to use the USB charging port of a backpack. And this will exactly let you know about how do backpack with a USB work. To make it workable for you follow the given steps one by one.

STEP #1: Connect a power bank to the built-in USB cable and place it into an internal mesh pocket.

STEP #2: Plug-in an extra charging cable and connect one side to an external female USB port.

STEP #3: Then connect the other side of the charging cord to the device which is supposed to be charged.

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Note: You should use a heavy-duty portable battery pack of at least 10000-amp so that it can last a few charges. Besides, you should get a waterproof USB port bag because it could work in the rainy season.

Advantage of Backpack with USB Charging Port

1. Conveniently charge your phone

It is hard to carry a mobile phone out along with a power bank. Even your phone shows maps for navigation so, it must be charged. And the bag with USB port allows you to charge your phone conveniently.

2. Your items stay organized

An anti-theft bag usually comes with multiple compartments and enough storage capacity. By fixing power banks on the internal side, you don’t need to go into a backpack and your stuff will stay organized.

3. Designed to keep you comfortable

Having a backpack with USB slot makes your trip comfortable without having to worry about running out of your phone’s battery. Even it provides great convenience on your travel destination or hunting trip.

4. Makes the bag an anti-theft backpack

A smart backpack with USB port keeps you charged throughout the journey. Even these bags are also called anti-theft backpack because they keep your belongings safe.


Well, going out on a long trip with a built-in USB cable backpack makes your journey quite comfortable and easier. Even this keeps you away from the problem of running out your mobile phone battery. Besides, it leads you to safe traveling without having fear of losing your valuables. Because a USB charging port backpack acts as an anti-theft backpack and keeps your gear organized.

Mainly this article is about how do backpacks with USB work. And a backpack with a USB port allows convenient charging. While the power bank for a backpack becomes an easy source of charging your smartphone, tablet, etc. Therefore, I would recommend you to buy a backpack with an external USB charging port.


What is a USB backpack?

Guys, a USB backpack comes with a USB port that lets you charge your phone or other portable devices conveniently. You just need to connect a power bank internally and then plug-in a charging cord in the external USB port and connect the other end of the cable to the device.

How to add a USB port to a backpack?

Adding a USB port to a backpack by yourself becomes a little bit challenging but sometimes you have to do it. Follow the given steps to put a charging port.

STEP #1: Make a little hole on the side of the bag to pass the male side of the charging cable.

STEP #2: Fix the female side of the cable on the backpack with a glue gun. 

STEP #3: Connect the internal side with the power bank and the external side to another cable for charging your device.

What is the power pack charger?

The power pack charger is a portable power source to charge a battery or other electronic items that have a USB interface. This is actually a wireless power bank which provides a quite handy and easy way to charge your fine while traveling.  

What is the USB port in my backpack for?

Backpacks with USB ports are literally designed to facilitate the people who love to go on long trips. Because they have to use the phone throughout the trip and a backpack with USB charging is quite useful for them. If you are a traveling lover then I would recommend you to buy a backpack with an inbuilt power bank.

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