What is a Backpack Rapper? (Updated 2022)

Backpack rappers is a phrase usually referred to as a young aspiring musician who dislikes commercialization or mainstream rap and whose lyrics are deep and right about real-life experiences. 

A backpack rapper raps on real issues and opposes the conflicts about pimping, money, or drugs. While mainstream rappers rap about hoes, bling, money, cars, swagger, social status, material possessions, and success, etc.

Moreover, this theme generates plenty of complex views in the niche of backpacks. Well, let’s make it easier to understand.

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What Is A Backpack Rapper?

A backpack rapper is a person who raps on real-life issues instead of mainstream or commercial rapping. He remains true to himself and uses heart and head while rapping.

Mostly backpack rappers are underground rappers, because they are usually found in inner cities where the public transit is low. These discord amidst rappers move around with a signature backpack on their shoulders.

Who Is A Backpack Rapper

Before we proceed, let’s have a glance at the brief History of backpack rappers. 

History of Backpack Rappers

Are you curious to know about how the term ‘backpack rappers’ came into being? So, this section will let you know all about it.

The hip hop rappers in the early ’80s initiated this term when they slung backpacks over their shoulders. These backpacks were used to carry spray cans and rhyme books because they were also known as graffiti artists.

Although graffiti artists began this style later over-sized backpacks became a popularized trend among alternative hip hop musicians. Even they used to attend jams with backpacks.

In the top backpack rappers list the backpackers like Kanye West and Kurtis Blow started commercial rap successfully. Hopefully, you get a fine idea about how the word ‘backpack’ became the identity of rappers.

Best Backpacks for Backpack Rappers

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Mainly this article aims to present some versatile backpacks commonly used by rappers. So, without wasting time let’s get right into their brief reviews.

1. Kendrick Lamar Backpack

Kendrick Lamar backpacks is one of premium backpacks that has been designed after a meticulous process. This extraordinary bag is best for conscious rappers and hip-hop artists. Due to heavy duty construction, it is quite suitable to handle weighty stuff while traveling.

Product Highlights:

  • Comes in standard unisex size.
  • Durable spun poly fabric offers high print quality.
  • Interior compartment holds up to 15” laptop.
  • With padded nylon back and bottom.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.  
  • Front pocket keeps your valuables.

2. NBA Young-boy Theme Backpack

With enough storage space and superior construction, this backpack belongs to an American rapper named NBA Young boy. Even this design has multi-sized pockets and perfects to fulfill your rapping needs.

Product Highlights:

  • Adjustable shoulder straps allow easy movement
  • Small-sized compartments for essentials
  • Includes zinc alloy hanging zipper head
  • Comes in a standard unisex size
  • Compatible for hand washing
  • Lightweight and durable design

3. RUBIE Kanye West Bear Backpack

Versatile backpack made of high-grade durable polyester comes in a unisex design with washing compatibility. With easy maintenance and multipurpose features, this is the best choice for backpack hip hop artists. Following the basic instructions can increase its life

Product Highlights:

  • Comes with multipurpose features
  • Made of high-grade durable polyester fabric
  • Automatically adjust to carry heavy loads
  • Allows both hand and machine washing
  • Lightweight, stylish, and long-lasting design

4. Megan Thee Stallion Backpack

This universal unisex size (17.75 x 12.25 x 5.75 inches) is made of durable and crafted poly fabric for high print quality. It has superior construction, adjustable shoulder straps, an interior laptop pocket, and a padded back for support.

Product Highlights:

  • Available in standard unisex size
  • Made of durable and crafted poly fabric
  • Interior pocket for laptop
  • Padded nylon bottom and back
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy movement
  • Front compartment for accessories

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Backpack Rapper list

Here is the list of top 15 Backpack Rap Artists

  1. Kayo
  2. Ankore
  3. Gentle Jones
  4. -KAYO-
  5. KEVdiggs ft.
  6. Indefinite & Sense One
  7. Golden Age
  8. YK Cleveland
  9. Mr. Model
  10. Jainous
  11. Nefertiti
  12. partyboobytrap
  13. great lakes crew
  14. Figaro the Kid / Yellow Bile
  15. Aimless Sidekick

Wrap Up

After extensive research of the theme, we become able to describe the term “what is a backpack rapper”. Basically, a backpack rapper is a musician who raps on real-life acts and ignores commercial rapping.

Since the very start, carrying a backpack has become a necessity and trend also for rappers. While some top backpacks for rapping are also enlisted above with their key features. These bags are super stylish, lightweight, with amazing construction.

Therefore, if you are a rapper then you should have an eye on those bags.


Who is a backpack rapper?

Backpack rapper is a musician who trusts himself and performs on reality-based acts rather than commercial conflicting activities. Besides in the backpack rap era, some spiritually conscious rappers and underground hip hop artists love to wear a backpack while performing. Virtually, this refers to wearing a backpack while rapping on daily life status.

Why do a rapper wear backpack?

A rapper wears a backpack to carry his essentials somewhere else. Even it symbolizes the b-boy and backpack holds their belongings such as records, mics, spray paint, markers, cables, b-ball gear, and CDs.

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